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Frequently Asked Questions


 How much does shipping cost?

How long does shipping take?

Warranty and Returns

What is covered in the 1-year Warranty?

 What is the return policy?

Taxes and Fees

 Do I have to pay taxes?

Aerial Equipment Installation

 How much does the hammock weigh, and what is the user weight limit?

 Where can I hang my yoga hammock?

 How high should I hang the hammock?

 How far apart should the ceiling bolts be installed?

 Can I hang a yoga hammock outside?

Other Questions

 Do you offer classes?

 What are the age limits of aerial yoga?

 Is the yoga hammock good for a beginner?

 How do I care for the aerial fabric? Can I wash a yoga hammock?

Should I use a mat underneath the aerial yoga hammock?

What are your terms and conditions?




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